3D Printing Is Going to Turn the Miniatures Gaming Market Into a War Zone

    Miniatures games have always been reserved for lifers. Lifers who spend hundreds of dollars on bags of disassembled pewter sculptures, put them together, and paint them in colors like “fuegan orange” and “leadbelcher.” It’s a hobby made by the deeply invested, for the deeply invested. Games Workshop manufactures the Warhammer series—one of the […]


How to design parabolic, hyperbolic, elliptical reflectors for 3D printing

In this article, we show you how you can design parabolic reflectors from first principles with any CAD software. Applications Reflectors are used in applications like industrial lighting, stage spotlights, home lighting, signal collection in antennas, directional microphones, speaker enclosures, infrared heaters, ultrasound sensors, etc. The common geometrical shapes used are spherical, ellipsoidal, paraboloidal and […]

divide by zero technologies | MET-12th-Heat-Treat-Show-2016

MET & 12th Heat Treat Show 2016

MET & 12th Heat Treat Show 2016 Supported by Make in India initiative by Government of India. We are proud to be part of “Emerging materials & processes for defense and infrastructure”. In association with TAFCON and ASM International – India Chapter. The forum not only discusses the sustained development in infrastructure but also technological […]