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How 3D printing is the best option for cheap carbon fiber parts

Before going any further or go deeper discussing 3D printing carbon fiber, it is best if you get to know and be introduced to what is carbon fibers, their benefits and what they are made of.

Carbon fibers are fibers that are about five to ten micrometers in diameter and are composed of carbon atoms. These carbon atoms are being bonded together in crystals that are more likely aligned parallel towards the long axis of the fiber, this crystal alignment will give the fiber with its highest volume to strength ratio, thus you’ll know when bonded together can produce a great fabric.

These carbon fibers are made of composite materials, polyacrylonitrile and rayon or petroleum pitch, being polyacrylonitrile 90% content and the rest for rayon. These are all organic polymers that are bound together through carbon atoms.

Benefits of carbon fiber

The benefits of carbon fiber will let you know more about what this fiber can offer. Fortunately to those who are using or planning to try them out, the benefits of this fiber come in many, not limited to:

  • It has a distinct appearance that is highly impossible to duplicate or replicate.
  • The material has an excellent ratio between strength and weight versus other available materials.
  • They are highly possible to work well with many materials such as plastics, other fibers, concrete, wood etc.
  • It has a great fatigue properties
  • Highly stiff
  • It can sustain highest level of heat
  • This you have to know, this fiber is actually reported to be 10X stronger than a steel and 5X lighter.
  • Making use of the toughest and most robust carbon fiber compared to aluminum is 6X stronger and as well as 1.5X lighter.

The benefits do not stop on the above, as there are more to acquire using this fiber.

How are 3-D printing key to cheap carbon fibers

 Actually not cheap in the sense that the price is un-comparable to other printing process, it is actually cheaper and more affordable compared to all original carbon fibers, although may have differences in terms of their overall strength, function and purpose. You sometimes would find hard to differentiate and compare 3D printing carbon fiber versus all original carbon fiber make in terms of appearance as the first almost appear the same as the second.

If you are just after aesthetics, thus making use of 3-D printing to achieve carbonated fiber look is your best available option. The materials used to print are made of carbonated fiber strands with some other materials that will provide a carbonated fiber look, on the other hand, the satisfaction of the result may be dependent where one will use it. It doesn’t offer user fully metal end results, thus satisfaction in terms of resistance of the material to heat, may not be as exemplary, but in terms of surface finish, this is surely a great choice.

3d printingIf you are just looking at the carbon fiber parts, making use of 3D printing can go a long way, it is highly a lot more affordable than choosing the all original carbon fiber make. This process will produce the appearance of a carbon fiber, but as expected, the performance is not as robust as the original carbonated fiber. If you are after the aesthetics, then you need not to think twice of choosing this instead.

There are many 3D printing fibers being introduced and sold in the market, may it be online or through local shops, carbon fiber Thailand to name one, that are highly available to those who are looking for this fiber to use on different parts of racing cars, automotive, rail train, industrial equipments, sports, medical and other leisures thus making the carbon fiber parts more affordable.

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