3D Printed Automotive Component

Leading Automotive Component Manufacturer Reduces Prototyping Cost by 93%

Divide By Zero Technologies, a leading 3D printer manufacturing company, based out of Navi Mumbai India, has come up with yet another solution for prototyping 3D printed materials that has got strength equivalent to parts manufactured using SLS or Selective Laser Sintering process. The RnD team at DBZ has made this possible through AION500MK2 model which is India’s first IoT-enabled, industrial grade professional 3D printer with patented Advanced Fusion Plastic Modelling (AFPM) technology. Before we move on to showcase our caste study for the same, we would like to define few terminologies first.

Sintering is the process of compressing, compacting and forming a solid mass of material by heat or pressure without melting or rendering to the point of liquefaction. Selective Laser Sintering is an additive manufacturing process wherein laser beams are used as a power source to sinter powdered substance especially nylon or polyamide, projecting and targeting the laser beams automatically at predetermined points in space, defined by 3D model, binding the materials together to form a solid structure. SLS involves the technology of high intensity, fused, synthesized and concentrated laser beam to combine small materials such as metal, ceramic, glass or plastic into a mass that has desired three dimensional shape, projected onto a powdered bed. After scrutinizing each cross sectional areas of the mass, the bed is lowered down and a new layer of mass is deposited, the process continues until the product gets completed.

AFPM or Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling is a in-house technology developed by our RnD team and is a patented 3D printing technology by Divide By Zero Technologies. It is far superior and reliable 3D printing technology compared to the conventional FFF and other such 3D printing technologies. The key features include

  • Adaptive flow rate and temperature control: AFPM mechanism auto adjusts the material flow rate at every odd and even layers of the built component based on its geometrical stress requirements.
  • Material Strength: The technology matches the industrial requirements of built materials by complying with the thermal, elastic and RA value requirements along with boosting the mechanical properties of the part.
  • Deposition rates: For large volume additive manufacturing parts, it is of absolute necessity to enhance the material deposition rates, which becomes a challenge in conventional FFF (or Fused Filament Fabrication) process requiring longer build time for large volumes. Our patented AFPM mechanism achieves this by selective deposition of materials, which auto adjusts the material flow based on geometrical complexity of part.

 Patented technology AFPM

 The Problem:

Our client faced financial hurdles with the SLS technology based products as the prototypes incurred huge cost upon them. Majority of the prototypes were outsourced by the company and their third party vendors took around 10-30 days to manufacture the materials with conventional and traditional methods.

However they asked us to match the strength of the prototype as it is with products made out of SLS technology.

Solution by Divide By Zero Technologies:

DBZ Research and Development team came out with an extraordinary patented development with AFPM technology designed, shaped and marketed with the name AION 500MK2 3D printer. Divide By Zero Technologies brings in AION500MK2 IOT enabled high speed industrial grade 3D printer with patented Advance Fusion Plastic Modeling (AFPM) Technology. AION 500 MK2 is high speed, IoT-enabled, massive size 3D printer that offers a professional-level build volume at an affordable price point. Armed with our patented AFPM (Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling) technology, the printer renders a stronger and durable output. With multiple connectivity options and sensors, it is one of the most advanced 3D printers available. Offering a large build size, ultra-fast print speeds, minimal post processing and unmatched precision, the AION500 MK2 is designed for versatility.

3D Printed Automotive Component
3D Printed Automotive Component

Advantages of using AION500MK2:


  • Divide By Zero 3D printed the prototype for the client, meeting all specifications, shapes, design, strength, dimensions and requirements. We printed the part using AFPM technology using our AION500 MK2 3D printer.
  • The client distributed number of 3D printed samples to its distributors and quality check analysts. Parts designed, met all basic design requirements. The entire team at Divide by Zero Technologies is proud to declare that our client and its distributors were highly enthralled and encouraged with the prototype developed. 
  • The prototype built was further tested, assembled and analyzed as functional parts. The manufactured parts were then tested for fitment for over 30 times without breaking the snaps. 
  • We effectively helped speed up design validation process along with minimizing design and manufacturing errors. Divide By Zero printers doesn’t need to share IP with third parties.
  • With the design cycle reducing to just 3 days, the engineering challenges previously faced by our client were taken care of. That said, DBZ is also delighted to pronounce itself as a cost effective 3D printer manufacturing company as the entire design with the help of AION500 MK2 reduced our client’s money by over 93%. 
  • The cost incurred upon our client was somewhat close to 25000-27000 INR. The company used to outsource to third party vendors for manufacturing the parts which not only incurred huge cost, also the time taken to build up the part was long. DBZ helped the client to build the prototype in just 3 days with an overall investment of just 1800 INR. Sounds surprising, but thanks to our entire team, this quite impossible task has been addressed and solved. 

AION500MK2 is helping business grow:

Aion500MK2 image

  • Collaborative: Connectivity and accessibility from web browser for upto 10 user accounts makes it immensely functional over a secured network. Also, both the designer and the operator can keep a close eye on the progress of their valuables on process 3D print.
  • Higher Productivity: High performance adaptive active liquid cooled extruder head that can print with multiple materials without changing any hardware for long hours at one go with industry’s best throughput.
  • Motion on the fly: With our years of experience on machine building, we have developed a unique X-Y motion system in AION500 that moves on Z axis as print is being processed on stable build platforms. With this mechanism AION500MK2 can print upto 30% faster without compromising on precision.
  • Safer Print: Active carbon filter continuously clears air inside the machine chamber, providing safer work environment for users.
  • AFM- the new standard in 3D printing: Our patented 3D printing firmware-hardware combination ensures adaptive flow and temperature changes in material deposition ensuring better component strength.
  • Fail-Safe printing: AION500 MK2 comes with patented precision filament flow sensor that tracks consumption of the material flow through extruder and compares that with the consumption indicated in the G code. In case of clogging, the machine resolves the condition pro-actively by cleaning nozzle automatically.
  • Advanced Slicing Software: Automatic pre-processing including slicing, automatic support generation, part packing and nesting computing, part build time and material consumption. Sliced file can be directly sent to the cloud for printing.



3D printing technology has drastically changed the way products are envisioned, designed, and prototyped for over a decade now. Many industry verticals have already integrated 3D printing technology while phasing out archaic and inefficient prototyping methodologies. Divide By Zero Technologies aims at addressing acute and challenging industrial problems whilst maintaining quality assurance keeping investment incurred under budget. We believe in inclusive innovation which is why we keep our doors open for collaboration and partnership, and just not business profitability. India is gradually emerging as a global super power and to address arising problems we, at Divide By Zero, work tirelessly towards building a better India. However small our efforts are, all we do is accountable for development of skilled and technologically advanced India.