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Package Smarter With Additive Manufacturing

Have you ever thought of buying a product void of beauty and aesthetics? Hardly do we keep the boxes and packages for any product that we buy, all of us know that. Despite this, various surveys report that packaging industry market might touch $ 7 Bn by 2025.

Being a leader in this market, you must be well aware of the fact that packaging is the first point of contact with consumer eyeballs. It’s the first appearance that strikes the emotion of any consumer and that brings us to the very subject of this discussion. How to aesthetically improve packaging materials by saving millions? Answer – Additive Manufacturing!

Traditional packaging industries pose serious design challenges and as such customization on low volume orders is insanely difficult when measured with profit scale. Even on high volumes, it takes up huge resources such as precious time, manpower and huge cost. With additive manufacturing, it’s just a press-button-relax kind of scenario. Hardly any manpower is required; cost incurred will be cut down by over 70% and most importantly saves you over 80-90% time.

Let’s discuss a case scenario now. You have launched a new product. Your designers have come up with 2-3 packaging designs that are equally good and attractive to look at. With traditional packaging mechanism, you can’t afford to invest on prototypes for all three designs because of time and money being invested. Well, with 3D printing, you can do this in just a matter of days. Above all, you can run an A/B test on all different designs and finally select the one that catches the eyes of your customer. Sounds smart now?

You must have heard about green India, sustainability and many more initiatives for a cleaner country, right? How about going green with additive manufacturing and save millions? 3D printing for packaging helps in easy recycling and zero waste of materials. Besides being a sustainable technology, additive manufacturing does not use extra materials than what was pre-programmed. Most importantly, it creates the entire packaging at one-go without involving separate processes.

Simple question now, do you want to adapt your business ideas to the new age technologies? The world is getting smarter and older technologies will just be archived and looked at as a motivation to develop new methodologies, concepts and ideas.

Let us be the additive manufacturing partner in pursuit of your happiness and success.