FAQ about 3D Printing Software & CAD Designing

Do I need a 3D software for 3d printing?

Our 3D printers are equipped with a slicing software package that will lay out the model in the printing area and either scale or duplicate it. The model needs to be designed/modified in CAD programs such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, SketchUp Pro or TinkerCAD and then imported to our software as an “STL” file. In simple words, it is a visual print driver.

Do I have to calculate the support material in models?

No. Our 3D software lets you select the angle of the support material, and it automatically places the material for any angle that exceeds it. There is a simple visual tool in the driver (it shows a bowl with varying sloped sides) to help you set it accurately. You can also opt to have the model print with a “raft” or a base piece, depending on the requirement.

Can the support material be easily removed?

Yes, in dual extruder 3D printer Accucraft i250 D, the support material is different from intended material and our support material is non-hygroscopic and is soluble as well. While in single extruder 3D printer Accucraft i250+, the support material is the same plastic as the model. The support material is attached to the model at “pinpoints” so that it tears away easily.

If I don’t know how to design, can I get ready files to print?

Yes, there is a large community of designers sharing thousands of STL files online. You can download these ready-to-print files and it use easily with any Divide By Zero 3D printer.

What is the minimum hardware requirement to run the slicing software?

Almost any modern computer (bought in the last 3 years) should be able to run the visual print driver.

Which operating system Is the slicing software compatible with?

The slicing software is compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 & 64 bit) and Mac OSX 8+, MAC etc).

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