Aeqon400 V3 bundle offer

Aeqon400V3 bundle offer

Currently, we all understand the importance of being self-sufficient as a nation. Over the past few months, we have seen a huge spike in 3D printed technology demand because of its capability to develop advanced solutions in saving time and cost for low volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

We have come up with an exciting package offer that includes 10kgs of filament and a filament dehumidifier worth INR 35000 free with a purchase of an AEQON400 V3. Our FDM 3D printers, Aeqon 400V3 has won its place in companies like Daimler, Mercedes, Imaginarium, Godrej, Jaquar lighting, Desmania and NMIMS

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Here are some of the many applications where 3D printing can increase your profitability index by over 70%. Happy Reading.  

Casting – Earn more profit on your casting patterns business with 3D printing. Read more

Tooling – Save huge amounts of time and money on short-run press brake tools. Read more

Fixtures – Save 70% cost and time with 3D printed fixtures. Read more

Packaging – Outperform your competition in vacuum forming and pulp moulding with 60% cost saving. Read more

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