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Words from CEO – Together, you & we made it through the hardest times ever

Letter from CEO

Remembering 2020-21


You and we made it through the hardest time possible. Before extending our deepest gratitude, I wish you, your friends, and your family a safe and healthy life ahead.

Same time one year back, just a week after the onset of global lockdown, we had no idea how things will go in a total economic shutdown. Believe me, we all have learned a lot in making our businesses more robust and resistant to calamities like COVID-19.

One year later, all of us have turned back strong implementing the strongest resilient ways possible. On behalf of me and my company, Divide By Zero Technologies, I would like to let you know that our thoughts are always with those who have been affected.

Our mission has always been on innovating future-sustainable manufacturing solutions that deliver value creation for all. We have come up with upgraded product features on all our professional and industrial 3D printers. Not just that, our efforts have tagged us as the first homegrown 3D printer manufacturers to hold technology patents from India and the United States of America.

Divide By Zero is now coming with the biggest groundbreaking innovation – A 3D printer that does the best of both Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing. Stay tuned with us.

In the end, I must say – we should be thankful for experiencing a financial year like 2020-21, for it has taught us countless valuable lessons both in personal and professional life.


Stay safe and stay healthy.


Swapnil Sansare,

CEO & Founder,

Divide By Zero Technologies.

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