How to Convert 3D Models into STL Files

UGS NX - version 4 and later

NX software from Siemens PLM (formerly USG), supports STL output at the core level, enabling you to save not only entire parts as STL files, but also selected surfaces of a part. This gives you great flexibility when preparing objects for 3-D printing. In addition, assembly output enables you to save several components as a single unit while maintaining each component as a separate volume (shell).
Phase 1 : Saving a model design in STL format.

After preparing the part, as described above, proceed as follows:

forward From the File menu, select Export > STL The Rapid Prototyping dialog box opens
forward Set Output Type to Binary. Binary STL files are much smaller than STL files saved in ASCII format
forward Adjust the Triangle Tol setting to an appropriate value for your model. This is the maximum distance allowed between the surface of the original design and the tessellated surface of the STL triangle, and affects the smoothness of the model surface
forward Adjust the Adjacency Tol setting. This determines if two adjacent surfaces “attach”. If the distance between the two surfaces is less than this setting, they are considered attached. This setting must be less than the printing resolution. For example, when printing models at a resolution of 30 micrometers (microns), the setting must be no more than 0.03
forward Click OK
forward In the Export Rapid Prototyping dialog box, enter file name and click OK
Since Catia5 supports non-continuous model designs, importing geometry into a part by copying and pasting is not problematic

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