3D Printing in Medicine - On the Cusp of a Revolution

Medicine, as we know it now, has evolved from a series of discoveries and inventions. New advancements have enabled newer and more sophisticated techniques in the fields of medicine, surgery and healthcare, in general. How, you ask? Well, 3D printing in medicine has already caused quite the revolution by aiding the 3D printing of implants and helping the surgeons with as detailed mock surgeries as possible.

Bioprinting is the next level of 3D printing in the healthcare arena and the repercussions are mindblowing! Bioprinting uses bio-inks and proteins and other constituents to build a tissue or an organ layer by layer. With the advent of 3D printing, we have now come to a point where it is possible to fabricate a living tissue, and consequently an organ, in a matter of viable period of time.

Benefits of 3D Printers in Healthcare

A lot of limits have already been pushed in the field of healthcare and 3D printing. Right from the perfect prosthetics, accurate pre-op models for academic purposes and for practicing surgical procedures, and even something as complex as fabricating human tissue. 3D printers are not only great for creating prototypes but also small scale production units. There are some obvious uses and benefits of 3D printing in the field of healthcare.

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    Customizable: Considering human anatomy is as different as every individual on the planet, being able to customize your output is a huge asset and a key to understanding anatomy on a deeper level. This is true for prosthetics based on the characteristics of the patient, fabrication of different types of tissues, for recreating difficult bone disorders such as craniofacial disfigurement (where one can decide the thickness of the bone!), and even equipment and medicine. Each patient can get the customized solution they need, thus revolutionizing the healthcare industry.
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    Cost Effective: While large scale productions are still quite cheap, smaller production runs and prototyping is now so affordable with the 3D printers in the picture. Smaller procedures can be now tested and developed as per the end consumer’s parameters, and the first output will be as inexpensive as the last, as the cost of human resources is completely eliminated.
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    Efficient: Making a prosthetic or an implant or even developing a prototype involves long hours and delivery time. If the process is completely automated with the readings already in place, accurate to the decimals, the output is fast and reliable. It is also replicable and scalable, making the whole process a lot more streamlined and efficient, with high productivity.
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    Collaboration: With the process easier and cost-effective, more researchers and professionals can develop designs and innovate. By facilitating simpler solutions in order to bring your imagination to life is so easy, our vision is to bring about more innovation and revolution in the field of medicine - both research as well as applications wise.

Divide By Zero 3D Printers for Healthcare Experts

Divide By Zero has been around for a while and has been of great value to healthcare professionals, in India and abroad. 3D printing has facilitated conversions of CB CT scan to models for mock surgery and for anatomy models for study purposes. Divide By Zero printers Accucraft i250D have created pre-op models for delicate and difficult surgeries.

Divide By Zero pledges to extend support medical personnel such as doctors and surgeons to plan, practice and perform complex and intricate surgeries and procedures, for more accuracy and better results. A more application-based benefit is that medical colleges and students can reap benefits out of the models a 3D printer can churn out, for the purposes of studies or practice.

Divide By Zero has had printers that were used to print tailor-made prosthetics that are a huge improvement with respect to affordability, functionalities and accuracy.

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