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Aion 500

Massive Size Ultimate Precision Industrial Grade 3D Printer

Aion 500

India’s first industrial grade professional 3D printer with patented Advanced Fusion Plastic Modelling (AFPM) technology.
The revolutionary AION 500 is a high performance, massive size 3D printer that offers a professional-level build volume at an affordable price point. Armed with our patented AFPM (Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling) technology, the printer renders a stronger and durable output. With multiple connectivity options and sensors, it is one of the most advanced 3D printers available in India. Offering a large build size, ultra-fast print speeds, and unmatched precision, the AION 500 is designed for versatility.
AION 500 is a fully enclosed industrial grade 3D printer and assures a consistently high print quality and repeatability. It features, the Quick Load functionality for changing and loading filaments easily, anti-clogging filament sensors and a super-slicer that makes sure there’s no time lost when the print is initiated - making it highly efficient and productive. The machine is easy to use allowing the user to alternate between quick-&- easy to professional-grade printing smoothly.
From prototyping to low-volume manufacturing, the AION 500 excels at any design application with impeccable accuracy and cost-effectiveness. AION 500 is designed to add maximum value to professional work setups.

Features of Aion 500

Massive build volume

Divide By Zero’s AION 500 industrial grade 3D printer sports a massive build chamber of 500mm*500mm*500mm, making it ideal for rapid prototyping along with low-volume batch manufacturing.

Divide By Zero’s Patented AFPM Technology

The patented Advanced Fusion Plastic Modelling (AFPM) technology empowers users with the affordability of FDM 3D printing with a SLS-level print quality, thanks to its smart control over material flow and temperature at different layers. This ensures consistent form, fitment and accuracy in the printed output. Read more about AFPM.

Ultra stable bed with moving gantry

The AION 500 features a stable build platform and moving gantry along with the Z-axis motion electro-mechanically synchronized ball-screw transmission that boasts of a positional accuracy of 16 microns for precise print detail and quality.

Hassle-free auto-bed levelling

It features a hassle-free automatic print bed levelling functionality that empowers consistent repeatability and reprints.

High endurance and rigid enclosed body design

The AION 500 is housed in a high endurance and rigid 5mm sheet metal enclosed body that helps maintain stable chamber temperature for controlled heat dissipation leading to seamless adhesion and uniform print consistency.

Multi-material compatibility

The AION 500 industrial grade 3D printer is compatible with a wide range of material such as ABS, PLA, TPU, Wood-infill, PETG, HIPS, Carbon Fiber, Polycarbonate and special AFPM- enhanced materials.

Dual direct drive extruder

This industrial grade 3D printer features a high-performance all metal direct drive dual extruder mechanism giving users the freedom of printing two different types or two different colours of the same materials simultaneously.

Zero clogging filament tracker

Divide By Zero has incorporated a fast response filament sensor that continuously monitors and actively repairs extruder clogging, thereby ensuring zero failed prints and a high level of reliability in fast-paced prototyping and production environments.

Value for money

Despite being equipped with the patented AFPM technology and an industrial grade massive build volume, AION 500 is placed at an affordable price point and has a low running cost of (Rs. 6/gm), thus offering value for your money.

Multiple connectivity options

This large volume 3D printer can be easily connected to workstation via a USB cable. Apart from this, users have the opportunity to save files on SD card and print them directly in an instant.

Ease of use

Despite being a sophisticated machine, AION 500 3D printer is quite simple to use. It features an user-friendly interface, filament tracking, auto-bed levelling and an easy-clean bed platform.

What makes AION 500 an industrial grade 3D printer?

AION 500 is a reliable machine that assures lesser downtime due to its efficiency, thus guaranteeing a high-quality product every time. This machine follows strict safety protocols to avoid any damage to the operator or to the vicinity and is non-polluting as well. Despite being well-equipped to handle complex prints, AION 500 is easy to use. There is no dependability on a technical expert and the time spent on training the new user is drastically reduced.

Divide By Zero’s Commitment to safer printing environments

The AION 500 is packed with safety features such as high-temperature software locks and continuously activated carbon filter air-purification system to absorb hazardous fumes generated during printing, ensuring a safer work environment for the user.

Aion 500 Product Output

Aion 500 Technical Specifications

  • Physical Dimensions(DWH)
    955mm x 1040mm x 925mm (37.6in x 40.99in x 36.41in)
  • Input Power**
  • Power Consumption
    1750W Max
  • Input Frequency
    47-63 Hz
  • Build Volume
  • Maximum Printable Area(Dual Extruder)
    500mm x 500mm x 500mm(19.68in x 19.68in x 19.68in)
  • Heated Bed
    High performance heated bed 150W 230V
  • Filament Diameter
  • Extruder Diameter
  • Extruder Temperature
    270⁰ C
  • Number Of Extruders
  • Model Of Extruder
    Direct DriveAll metal extruder
  • Recommended Materials
    ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, Carbon fibre, AFPM Special Material, Polycarbonate, & AFPM Carbon fibre
  • Material Support
    Non hygroscopic HIPS
  • Maximum Print Speed
  • Build Rate(Material Deposition Rate)
    15-30 cm³/hour
  • Layer Precision
    0.1-0.25mm (0.35mm possible for 0.5mm Nozzle)
  • Heat Bed
  • Bed Temperature
    90⁰ C max
  • LCD Support
  • Connectivity
    USB, SD card, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Print Monitoring System
    In build camera with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Software Supported
    Repetier, Cura, Custom Software for DBZ, Kislicer
  • Stepper Motor
    1.8 Degree steps angle With 1:256microstepping
  • Positioning Accuracy
    20 microns
  • Enclosure
    Power coated 5mm sheet metal body
  • Total Machine Weight
  • Run Time Change Setting Option
  • Pause Print Option
    Semi-automatic-Yes(pause and resume even after extruder movement)
  • Filaments Sensor
    YES.(filament flow notification)
  • Layer Thickness
    Layer thickness range:range1:0.1-0.15,range2:0.15-0.25,range3:0.25-0.3
  • Multiple User Id
    YES. Multiple secure access to machine control software
  • XY Precision
    Positional accuracy 16 micron using HIWIN High Precision Linear Guide Rails.
  • Z Precision
    Patented precision Z axis mechanism with electromechanically synchronized four ball screws and moving XY gantry
  • Supporting System
    Windows and Mac
  • SD Standalone Format
  • Noise Level
  • Training
    Covered under 3 days free onsite training.

What people say about aion 500

DBZ is a quite young organization with energetic team and they really honor their commitments. DBZ has installed Aion 500 3D printer for design validation before investing in production tooling. The surface finish and accuracy of outputs are very good. Team DBZ provided thorough training and that’s we liked the most.
Arvind Arora
Head Engineering - Tata Ficosa Automotive Systems
DBZ is a quite young organization with energetic team and they really honor their commitments. DBZ has installed Aion 500 3D printer for design validation before investing in production tooling. The surface finish and accuracy of outputs are very good. Team DBZ provided thorough training and that’s we liked the most.
Dr Rob Neumann
Head Engineering - Tata Ficosa Automotive Systems
Massive machine, built with international taste, with the precision and reliability. Surely it is 'The Machine' for the product designing industry.
Sandip Patil
MD, The Sun CAD
When I first looked at Divbyz, I thought : “I have never ever heard of these guys. I am not sure it this is going to be up to the mark”. Under no condition was I going to be purchasing this. However just for my inquisitive I enquired on the divbyz.
And my God! The response and explanation from Gunichha was just marvelous. She had an answer for every question that I asked. Trust me, when I asked question the opposite guy would sweat to the core. Gunichha handled me impressively. All thanks to her for our business relationship to be a success.
Imran you’re the best at what you do!
Nipun Raj
Proprietor, Nayhal Enterprises
First I am impressed with sales Department. So I came to your company and took a personal view on the product and team.
Second the management and staff are very co-operative and are honest. Training went good. I am satisfied with Divbyz. I specially mention Gunichha an ascent to your company.
B Krishna Kishore.