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Aion 500MK2

Offers unmatched precision for rapid prototyping and large format 3D Printing

Patented Dual Servo Extruder with Auto-Switchover for Uninterrupted Operation

Stable Build Platform and Moving Gantry for Unmatched Precision

Liquid-Cooled Head for Clog-Free Printing

Store upto 3000 gcodes and get Real-Time updates

Aion 500 MK2 earned the most prestigious 'India Design Mark' Award.

500mm Stable Build Platform
Industry 4.0 Ready HMI
Moving Gantry
Liquid Cooled Smart Anti-Clog Dual Servo Extruder

Why more than 1100 businesses chose us for 3D printing solutions?

We do not just sell 3D Printers. We help you get what you need to achieve success in your 3D Printing journey.
  1. Extensive Material Compatibility: Supports over 35 materials with an Open Material Program.
  2. Long Machine Life: Our machines have been operational at customer premises for over 5 years.
  3. Nationwide Service Team: Stationed service team available across India for prompt assistance.
  4. Application Support: Additional support tailored to your specific application requirements.
  5. Professional Installation: On-site installation for Professional and Industrial 3D Printers by our expert technicians.
  6. Comprehensive Support: Extensive guidance on application and material selection.
  7. Certification and Training: Complete certification and training on 3D Printing Technology, Maintenance, and Application.
  8. Reliable 3D Printers: Featuring patented Servo-Extruder, Auto-Switchover, and Connectivity features for uninterrupted printing.
  9. Post-Processing Training: Training for post-processing techniques provided by our team.
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Uninterrupted, High-Speed Printing with Unmatched Quality

Smart Anti-Clog System

Prevent Print Failures

  • Maintain High Quality: Keep your prints consistent and high-quality, even on long runs.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simplify printer maintenance with our smart anti-clog features.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Spend more time printing and less time troubleshooting.

Smart Auto-Switchover Feature

Seamless Extruder Switching

  • Consistent Quality: Maintain high print quality even during long print jobs.
  • Increased Uptime: Reduce the risk of print failures and downtime.
  • Simplified Operations: Enjoy a more straightforward printing process with smart automation.
400x400x400 Print Size
Industry 4.0 Ready HMI
Smart Anti-Clog Servo Extruder

Aeqon 400v4

Offers unmatched precision for rapid prototyping and low volume batch manufacturing​

Servo Extruders for Uninterrupted operations

Industrial-grade build quality that ensures reliable print-cycles

Automatic multi point bed leveling correction

Did you know?

DBZ’s experts install all the Professional and Industrial Machines on-site, configure it and also train your staff on how to use it effectively to get you started with minimal efforts.

What Top Indian
Companies Say About Us

The machine has an Excellent surface finish. Accuracy of the output is up to the mark. Strength of the material is also good.
TATA Motors
Outstanding 3D printer with a cutting-edge servo extruder! It's user-friendly and delivers high-quality prints. The customer service is exceptional. Highly recommended!
Stanley Black & Decker
Young and a very impressive team with innovative products. Definitely a trustable and reliable brand in 3D Printing Industry.

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