Aeqon 400 V3 | Mid-size single extruder 3D printer

Professional 3D Printer in India - Aeqon 400 V3

India’s first mid-size single extruder 3D printer with a unique gantry design for easy 3D printing!
The Aeqon 400 V3 is a low-noise operating, quick-load functionality enabled 3D Printer, with a super-fast slicer software and an industrial-grade build quality which ensures reliable print-cycles. With specially designed high precision ball screws gantry with print speeds of up to 200 mm/sec, this mid-sized 3D printer delivers unmatched precision and repeatability - a prerequisite in rapid prototyping and low-volume batch manufacturing.Factory built features like USB slots and Wi-Fi allow seamless connectivity and the built-in camera allows remote monitoring of print batches. With a spacious build volume and an easy-to-use interface, the Aeqon 400V3 is an ideal prototyping machine for product development applications and micro-scale manufacturing.

Features of Aeqon 400 V3

1. Future Proof

Machine that grows with you. We call it "Start Small, Think Big" technology. One machine or multiple machines, all AEQON 400V3 machines can be connected through WI-Fi, Ethernet and USB and can be accessed through web browseron your desktop with access to live camera feed of the print and queue your next prints for your operator who has limited machine access if you want it.

2. Fast - 2X Deposition Rate

Our advanced extruder design ensures minimum heat creep in the mechanism thanks to our unibody machined extruder that enables you to print with 2x deposition rates. Active filament sensor provides alert upon material flow interruption filament consumption, thus saving valuable time and material, ensuring uniform flow during part build.

3. 35% - Small Footprints

Save upto 35% space with unique design that lets you enjoy similar build platform with huge saving on machine foot prints.

4. High speed Z axis - dual ball screw

Our development team has come up with unique dual pre - loaded ball screw mechanism in Z axis to ensure vibration free high precision, high speed operation of the machine. It achieves 25% to 40% better speed without compromising on quality contrary to traditional cantilever gantry mechanism.

5. Versatile - multiple material on one machine

Print materials like carbon fibre, ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane on the same machine. Thanks to our advanced extruder mechanism design that can handle various abrasive materials, variable flow and temperature. You can print flexible, high strength, temperature resistant materials in the same machine with almost zero setup time.

6. Automatic multi point bed leveling correction

This feature improves the quality of printing and component bed adhesion by taking several measurements of the build platform surface and then adjusting all movement to follow the tilt or contours of the bed & along with unique ability to compensate for all the build surface height irregularities.

Professional 3D Printer in India - Aeqon 400 V3 Product Output

Professional 3D Printer in India - Aeqon 400 V3 Technical Specifications

  • Build Size
    400mm X 300mm X 300mm
  • NOZZLE Diameter
    0.4mm - 0.8mm ( optional )
  • Extruder
    Single ( upgradeable to dual )
  • Noise Level
    <55 dB
  • Printing Speed
    200mm/s Variable as per material profile)
  • Max Extruder Temperature
  • Dimensions
    L- 730mm X W- 670mm X H- 900mm
  • Connectivity
    USB, Wi-FI, Ethernet
  • Accuracy
    80-250 Micron
  • Weight
    113 Kg
  • Input Power
    220V - 4A - 50Hz
  • Build Material
    ABS+, PLA, Metal fill, Carbon fibre, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane, ABS - PC.
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