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Aion 500 MK2 | Redefining The Standards

Industrial grade 3D printer - Aion 500 MK2

Introducing – India’s FIRST IoT-enabled, industrial-grade professional 3D printer, now with ADVANCED SERVO MOSQUITO EXTRUDER AND ADVANCED FUSION PLASTIC MODELLING (AFPM) TECHNOLOGY
The game changing AION 500 is an IoT enabled, high performance, massive 3D printer which offers a professional-level build volume at an affordable price point. Armed with our patented AFPM (Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling) technology, this 3D printer renders a bigger, stronger and durable output. With multiple connectivity options and sensors, it is one of the most advanced 3D printers available in India. Offering a large build size, ultra-fast print speeds, and unmatched precision, the AION 500 prepares you for the future with its future proof features.
The AION 500 MK 2 is a fully enclosed industrial grade 3D printer and assures a consistently high print quality and repeatability. It features a Quick Load functionality for changing and loading filaments easily, anti-clogging filament sensors and a super-fast slicer that makes sure there’s no time lost when the print is initiated - making it highly efficient and productive. The machine is easy to use, allowing the user to alternate between quick-&- easy and professional-grade printing smoothly. The AION 500 MK 2 also offers advanced features like a utilization tracker, intuitive filament sensor and liquid cooling mechanism.
From prototyping to low-volume manufacturing, the AION 500 MK 2 excels at any design application with impeccable accuracy and cost-effectiveness. The AION 500 MK 2 is designed to add maximum value to professional work setups.
Divide By Zero’s AION 500 MK2 is an advanced variant of the AION 500 and is customized to your requirements with the below easy-to- integrate add-on modules:

Features of Aion 500 MK2

1. Collaborative

Machine can be accessible from web browser for up to 10 user accounts and can be accessed and controlled on a secure connection. Now, not only the operator but also the designers can keep an eye on the progress of their valuable in process 3D print.

2. Higher Productivity

High performance adaptive active liquid cooled extruder head that can print with multiple materials without changing any hardware for long hours at one go with industry's best throughput

3. Motion on the Fly

With our years of experience in machine building we have developed unique X-Y motion system in AION 500 that moves Z axis as print is being build on stable build platforms. With this mechanism Aion 500 MK2 can print up to 30% faster without compromising on precision.

4. Safer Print

Active carbon filter continuously cleans air inside the machine chamber, providing safer work environment for users.

5. AFPM - The New Standard in 3D Printing

Our patented 3D printing firmware–hardware combination ensures adaptive flow & temperature changes in material deposition ensuring better Component strength.

6. Industry 4.0 Ready

Aion 500 MK2 is ready for industry 4.0. You can control Aion 500 using web browser on your LAN or VPN. The operator keeps an eye on the production process via live imaging, while necessary presence is reduced. This machine is also ready with interface for robot handshake in case of implementation of complete automatic print setup.

7. Fail-Safe Printing

Aion 500 MK2 comes with patented precision filament flow sensor that tracks consumption of the material flow through extruder & compares that with the consumption indicated in the G code. In case of clogging, the machine resolves the condition pro-actively by cleaning nozzle automatically

8. Advanced Slicing Software

Automatic pre-processing including slicing, automatic support generation, part packing and nesting computing part build time and material consumption. Sliced file can be directly sent to the cloud for printing.

Industrial grade 3D printer - Aion 500 MK2 Product Output

Industrial grade 3D printer - Aion 500 MK2 Technical Specifications

  • Physical Dimensions(DWH)
    955mmx 1040mm x 925mm (37.6in x 40.99in x 36.41in)
  • Input Power**
  • Power Consumption
    1750W Max
  • Input Frequency
  • Build Volume
  • Maximum Printable Area(Dual extruder)
    500mm x 500mm x 500mm (19.68in x 19.68in x 19.68in)
  • Heated Bed
    High performance heated bed 150W 230V
  • Filament Diameter
  • Extruder Diameter
  • Extruder Temperature
  • Number of Extruders
  • Model Of Extruder
    Direct Drive all metal liquid cooled extruder
  • Recommended Materials
    ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, Carbon fibre, AFPM special material, Polycarbonate, AFPM Carbon fibre
  • Material Support
    Non hygroscopic HIPS
  • Maximum Print Speed
  • Build Rate(Material Deposition Rate)
    30-50 cm³/hour
  • Layer Precision
    0.1-0.25mm(0.35mm possible for 0.5mm Nozzle)
  • Heat Bed
  • Bed Temperature
    90⁰C max.
  • Auto Bed Leveling
  • LCD Support
  • Connectivity
    USB, SD card, Wifi & Ethernet.
  • Print Monitoring System
    In build camera with wifi connectivity
  • Software Supported
    Repetier, Cura, Custom Software for DBZ, Kislicer
  • Stepper Motor
    1.8 Degree steps angle With 1:256microstepping
  • Positioning Accuracy
    20 microns
  • Enclosure
    Power coated 5mm sheet metal body
  • Total Machine Weight
  • Run Time Change Setting Option
  • Pause Print Option
    Semi-automatic-Yes(pause and resume even after extruder movement)
  • Active Carbon Filter
  • Filaments Sensor
    YES.(filament flow notification)
  • Layer Thickness
    Layer thickness range:range1:0.1-0.15, range2:0.15-0.25, range3:0.25-0.3
  • Multiple User Id
    YES. Multiple secure access to machine control software
  • XY Precision
    Positional accuracy 16 micron using HIWIN High Precision Linear Guide Rails.
  • Z Precision
    Patented precision Z axis mechanism with electromechanically synchronized four ball screws and moving XY gantry
  • Supporting System
    Windows and Mac
  • Sd Standalone Format
  • Noise Level
    Less than 70db
  • Training
    Covered under 3 days free onsite training.
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