Awards & Memberships

ITB group Award

In recognition of our pioneering innovations in automotive cockpits, our contribution was honoured at the ITB Group Awards during the 2016 conference in Pune on December 7. The award was presented to our company, DBZ, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence.

The Bharat Vikas Ratan Award

Conferred on April 7, 2018, in New Delhi, honors individuals and organizations for outstanding contributions to society. Recognizing excellence and impactful initiatives, it celebrates innovation, leadership, and dedication, acknowledging recipients for their remarkable achievements in diverse fields, fostering national development and progress.

Awards & Recognition

Team DBZ was a part of India Design Mark 2017 in Coimbatore. India Design Mark is design standard, a symbol which recognizes good design. India Design Council grants India Design Mark after evaluating good design through a systemized process. India Design Mark is initiated in co-operation with Good Design Award, Japan.

Awards and Achievements

2 3D printing world award 2017, 3D printer manufacturer of the year- Awarded by ‘Trinity Media & Marketing solutions’ for manufacturing indigenous 500 for manufacturing Industry to reduce cost, increase customer line efficiency with good customer responsiveness.


Wasme SME excellence award 2017: Recognition for company- International recognition to Divide By Zero Technologies for being fastest growing innovative manufacturing SME.

WASME is leading international organization engaged in strengthening global cooperation for growth & development of SMEs.


IPF Industrial Excellence Award: IPF Product excellence award ( Special mention category) was awrded by Industrial Products Finder (IPF), India’s largest circulated industrial magazine which appreciates and acknowledges the fastest growing manufacturing companies as well the companies which manufacture products that meet the standards of ´Product Excellence´.


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