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Imagine it. PRINT BIG.

Customizable large format 3D Printer delivered in CKD Kit.

Made in India – Made for the world.


Imagine it. PRINT BIG.

Customizable large format 3D Printer delivered in CKD Kit.

Made in India – Made for the world.


A machine that knows “No Limits” with a customizable extrusion head (Palette/ Filament/ Paste/ Gel/ Hybrid) and many sensor/ automation options, having the capability to print up to 1 meter.

The AION NX Difference

Portable, flexible and modular

CKD kit which is easy to transport, easy to assemble and module options which suit your specific requirement.

High material compatibility

 Supports a wide range of gels, polymers and ceramic input material to deliver the print you need.

Ideal for research

With high end controllers designed for industrial use and material profiles calibrated for purpose, this is ideal for rapid prototyping and shortened iteration cycles.

Omni support options

Includes DIY instructions for CKD assembly, onsite assembly and service options through local partners and online support.

Generally available spares

Spares and replacement parts can be sourced from local or open markets and are not manufacturer specific parts – saves time, money and stress.

Built for Industry

Our 3D printers empower you to make everything from small industrial components items to large custom factory parts. Today, the use of 3D printers has surpassed human imagination and permeated the fields of Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical science, Biotechnology and the Defence – for both research and production.


  • Ready and easy to assemble Complete Knockdown Kit.
  • Save your Money: Large part 3D Printing at affordable price.
  • Save your Time: Large complex designs printed instantaneously
  • Save Space: Easy large part prototyping in the compact 3D printer
  • Save your Ideas: Customisable Aion NX features!
  • Collaborative innovation supported by our Round the Year Technical Staff.

Industry Use Cases

New Product Development (NPD) and R&D Departments

  • Better control over complex shapes, designs and sizes compared with other fabrication technologies
  • Build large prototypes for various components in automotive, medical devices, electronics and other industrial applications in one sitting
  • Save time and money for the New Product Development team

Automotive Industry

  • Easy prototyping and fabrication from small automotive components to an entire car
  • Small batch production of custom fixtures and end use components
  • Saves time, reduces wastage and allows for innovation.

Foundry and Casting Industry

  • Rapid turnaround from design to casting for complex shapes with compatible materials
  • Print Complex and innovative casting patterns with minimal machining in days rather than weeks
  • Save your time and money by replacing traditional production lines with a single machine

Defence and Aerospace Industry

  • Manufacture-on-demand for large and complex components, patterns and tools
  • Minimal wastage of raw material as compared to machining and supply chain dependency
  • Ease of small batch production for replacement and spare parts

Electric Vehicles Industry

  • Prototyping for Multiple EV components
  • Battery testing rigs and fixtures
  • ESD safe & Fire retardant electronics enclosures for EV testing

Project based businesses

  • 3D print components at project site
  • Design sharing via cloud for rapid parts delivery
  • Design iterations and physical prototype testing in near real-time

Architecture & Decor

  • Design and print cost effective yet innovative designs pieces including contour crafting
  • Unique architectural components created with a variety of high strength materials
  • Large sculptures created with the help of appropriate software and materials.

Portablity.  Efficiency.  Performance.


Highlights of AION NX 3D printer:

  • Upto 1000mm X 1000mm X 1000mm build volume
  • Compact CKD kit – Ease of transport and optimized pricing
  • Easy on-site assembly with customizable features
  • Modular design with multiple upgrades and add-ons
  • FDM Technology for easier concept development and prototyping
  • 7 times lesser consumption in volume
  • 3 times lighter than other available printers
  • Best-in-class pricing for the product category

Add On Features:

  • Highflow and Super Highflow hotends for successful prints
  • High Temperature Sensor
  • Automatic bed levelling
  • Machine enclosure for dust protection and maintain internal temperature
  • Active Carbon filter to remove ultra-fine particles from the enclosure
  • Active FilaDry system to prevent entry of humidity and moisture

Print Complex Designs

The AION NX Extruder allows you to 3D print high precision designs with speed. The extruder is fitted with a precision nozzle of diameter of 06/0.8 mm and a maximum travel speed of 100mm/sec.

The high precision extruder is capable of handling temperatures of up to 3050 C, allowing you to deliver 3D prints using materials like PLA, PETG, PLA Tough and TPU at 7 times lesser material consumption in volume and 5 times faster than other 3D printers in the same class

Print Large Sizes With Ease

With one of the largest bed sizes in its class, the AION NX can handle 3D prints of 1000mm X 1000mm X 1000mm. The magnetic PEI platform on the heated bed ensures that the filament extruded adheres firmly to the surface through the complete process delivering a perfect print which is easily removed once cooled.

Print with Precision

The AION NX unibody machined extruder design ensures minimum heat creep in the mechanism enabling 3D prints with 2x deposition rates. The unique dual preloaded ball screw mechanism in the Z axis ensures vibration-free high precision operations with 25-40% higher speed without compromising on quality.

Print in time

The AION NX is fitted with automatic sensor mechanisms in the extruder to alert upon material flow interruption during filament consumption. This ensures uniform flow during part build while saving valuable time and material.

The Advanced Print-Pause mechanism continues the print process post any interruptions due to power failure or any other causes.

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About Us

Divide By Zero Technologies is one of the pioneer companies to take 3D printing technology to the SME sector in India purely because the machines are professional, affordable and adhere to international quality standards.

Within a year, under our founder’s guidance, we have launched a range of high quality, Industrial 3D printers which already cater to various business, giving opportunities to engineers, designers, architects, educators, medical researchers and innovators to realise and visualise their ideas.

Our clientele is spread across the country with presence in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Coimbatore, Malaysia, Dubai and many more. We work in a closed loop with professionals and customers from various fields to improvise on existing technology and providing the additional benefits of advanced 3D printing technology to our existing and potential clients.

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Divide by zero technologies is a young organization with energetic & innovative team. They really honour their commitments and respond quickly to any query. We wish Swapnil and his team very best of luck in all of their future endeavours!

Kalyani Bharat Forge

DBZ is a quite young organization with an energetic team. They really honour their commitments and give a quick response to any query and put customer satisfaction in top priority.

TATA Ficosa Ltd

Since last two years we are using this machine for prototype manufacturing, we are quite satisfied with machine performance and services catered by DBZ. The prototyping cost is quite reasonable with accucrafti250D as compared to getting them from other service providers. I think that’s one of the best locally available machine..


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