Carbon Fibre is a high-performance carbon fiber reinforced ABS filament ideal for anyone that desires a structrual component with high modulus, excellent surface quality, dimensional stability, light weight, and ease of printing.

Made using 15% High-Modulus Carbon Fiber,it provides fabulous structural strength and layer adhesion with very low warpage. Due to the carbon fiber contained in the filament, it has increased rigidity, therefore increased structural support built right in.

Carbon Fiber filament is perfect for printing items that do not bend, such as: frames, supports, propellers, and tools – drone builders and Hobbyists love this stuff.

The carbon fiber in the filament is specifically designed to be small enough to fit through the nozzles, but long enough to provide the extra rigidity that makes this filament so special. Carbon Fibre will degrade at about 300°C in air. The glass transition temperature (Tg)-4040°C

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Material Properties of CARBON FIBRE


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