3D Printing in Education - Empowering tomorrow's Creators

Education holds the key to unlocking the true potential of human ingenuity. Education should be multi-dimensional, giving equal importance to theoretical as well as a hands-on, practical approach. Integrating 3D printing in education exposes eager learners and future creators to stay adept with tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology.

Educators of today need to foresee and understand the true potential of 3D printing in education. Today’s classrooms should be places of practical application and hands-on discovery. Due to its versatile nature, 3D printers can be a facilitator of imparting real world application and knowledge in domains of mechanical engineering, math, science, and architecture to name a few

Benefits of 3D Printing in Education

Numerous progressive schools, universities, and educational institutions across various disciplines have already integrated 3D printing technology into their classrooms and curriculums. 3D printing fuels limitless creativity and collaboration empowering pupils to envision, hold and test their ideas in real spaces. Here are some additional benefits of 3D printing in education.



3D Printing for Architects - Transforming tomorrow’s Landscape


3D Printing in Automotive - Empowering tomorrow’s Transportation


3D Printing in Education - Empowering tomorrow’s Creators


3D Printing in Medicine - On the Cusp of a Revolution


3D Printed Pattern Casting - Shaping the way forward

Product Development

3D Printed Consumer Product Design - Reaching the Consumers Faster

Divide By Zero 3D Printers - Power to create, freely

Visually seeing and physically touching objects are huge part of the day-to-day human cognitive learning process and experience. Students need to be presented with new and hand-on approach in learning. Divide By Zero 3D printers aspire to be an easy, cost-effective and most importantly, a reliable way to adopt 3D printing in education.

Our aim is to help educators and young minds bridge the widening gap between theoretical learning and practical applications. In collaboration with numerous educators and institutions, we have already started sowing the seeds of 3D printing in education.

World-class, industrial grade and easy-to-use 3D printers from Divide By Zero are crafted to be a catalyst and tool in empowering creators and makers of tomorrow.

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