3D printing materials & Filaments

3D Printing community brought up big variety of different filaments types to use for their projects.
So how to choose the right type and what everyone needs to know before planning the whole process of printing.
Why Divide By Zero Filaments
Non-Toxic and environment friendly
Affordable high quality material
Large variety of
colors and materials
Seamless printing experience
Materials available
with Good Toughness
good Strength and good flexility.
Constant color quality
Uniform diameter across the length
Divide By Zero Material Usability Index [MUI]
Download the DBZ - Material Usability Index [MUI] to experience the 3D Printing world
  • Materials available : ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, Carbon Fibre, TPU-Flexible, Wood
    fill, Metafills, Poly Carbonate (PC)
  • Diameters : 1.75mm
  • Diameter accuracy : ± 0.05mm
  • Net Weight : 850gms