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Why Choose 3D Printed Fixtures?

Here are a few reasons…

Save up to 89% on Assembly Fixtures

One of our top clients, a manufacturer of automotive lamps, saved a whopping 89% on assembly fixtures with our help.

Faster Development

3D printed fixtures allow for faster development time which is essential when trying to meet production targets.


3D printing costs are generally lower than traditional methods, apart from saving on the production time, which leads to cost savings overall.

Professional 3D Printer in India - Aeqon 400 V3

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We love Serving ....

We love Serving ....

Frequently Asked Questions

A 3D printed fixture is a device made by additive manufacturing that helps to hold parts in place during assembly or inspection.

The benefits of 3D printed fixtures are faster development time, lower costs, improved performance, and customized designs.

Our client saved a whopping 89% on assembly fixtures with our help. The amount of savings depends on the fixture design, quantity, and material used.

Yes, 3D printed fixtures can perform just as well as traditional manufacturing methods. Its durability and longevity depend on the design concept, material chosen, and its manufacturing process.

Contact our team at Divide By Zero Technologies if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to assist you and discuss how our 3D printing solutions can help your business.

Yes, 3D printing is more cost-effective for small-scale productions where it allows for customization and flexibility without the need for tooling or molds costs.


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