3D Printing Bootcamp - Beyond Prototyping

A Comprehensive Journey into 3D Printing for NPD, R&D & Academia

This unique gathering is designed for pioneers and professionals across new product development, research and development, and the academic world, who are keen to explore the vast possibilities of 3D printing beyond its conventional uses.

  • Live 3D Printing Demonstrations: Experience the Latest in 3D Printing Technology First-Hand
  • Exclusive Case Studies: Real-World Successes from Small Innovations to Industry Revolutions
  • Material Selection Workshop: Choosing the Right Material for Your Project: An Expert Guide
  • Setup and Integration: Your Checklist for Implementing 3D Printing in Your Organization
  • One-on-One Expert Consultations: Tailored Advice to Elevate Your 3D Printing Projects

📆 Save the Date:

Online Webinar: April 16th, 11 AM
Offline Demo: Starting April 18th, be ready to dive in!

This BootCamp is followed by Offline Demo in Bangalore. Hence we are accepting registrations from Bangalore, Hosur and neighbouring region from Karnataka only.

Read what past attendees said about our BootCamp

I, Sanjeev Rasal, a retired professional from a Technical Institute now supporting two start-up companies, recently visited Divide by Zero, pioneers in 3D printing technology in India. I was impressed by their innovative use of FDM technology and how they cater to various industries, making it an ideal choice for startups and research projects. The bootcamp provided valuable insights into material specifications and applications, making it beneficial for both startups and established industries. The case studies showcased the versatility and cost-effectiveness of Divide by Zero machines, making them a preferred choice for various applications. Thank you for organizing this insightful bootcamp!
Sanjeev Rasal
Paceon Technosys/Colmed
Choosing the wrong printer or materials could have been a costly mistake for us. The insights on features and materials specific to our needs have been invaluable. It's given me the confidence to move forward.
Moses johnson
Trinity Urbane Group
Understanding what I didn’t know was a game-changer. The bootcamp's deep dive into the unknowns of 3D printing has prepared me to anticipate and navigate potential challenges successfully
Chetan Kukreja
Surmount Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd
My main concern was the cost versus the benefit of diving into 3D printing. The bootcamp covered how to select the right printer and materials for our business case, turning my skepticism into a strategic investment decision.

Why you should attend?

Unlock Material Mastery: Navigate the complexity of material selection to optimize cost, durability, and finish for every project.

Seamless Tech Integration: Learn how to flawlessly integrate 3D printing into your existing workflows, enhancing efficiency and innovation.

Scale with Confidence: Discover strategies to transition from prototyping to full-scale production, balancing speed, cost, and quality.

Embrace Complex Designs: Master the art of printing complex, custom designs without compromising on precision or strength.

Cut Costs, Not Quality: Explore cost-effective 3D printing practices that maintain high quality without breaking the bank.

Ensure Unmatched Quality: Gain insights into maintaining consistent quality and reliability in 3D printed products, crucial for critical applications.

Go Green with 3D Printing: Learn about sustainable 3D printing practices to minimize your environmental footprint.

Close the Skill Gap: Elevate your team’s expertise with training in cutting-edge 3D printing technologies and methodologies.

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs and Startups: Discover how 3D printing can revolutionize your product development and manufacturing processes, reducing costs and time to market.

Engineers and Designers: Gain hands-on experience with the latest 3D printing technologies and materials to enhance your design capabilities and innovation potential.

Business Executives and Decision-Makers: Learn about the practical applications of 3D printing in various industries and how it can be a game-changer for your business operations and competitive strategy.

Educators and Researchers: Explore the educational and research opportunities 3D printing offers, and how it can be integrated into curricula and projects.

Hobbyists and 3D Printing Enthusiasts: If you’re passionate about 3D printing and eager to learn more about its capabilities, this bootcamp will take your skills to the next level.

Manufacturing and Production Professionals: Understand how 3D printing can streamline production processes, from prototyping to end-use parts, and the key factors in selecting materials and setting up your 3D printing operations.

About DBZ

Divide By Zero Technologies stands at the vanguard of innovation within the 3D printing industry, pioneering the development and delivery of cutting-edge, sustainable 3D printing solutions. Founded and led by Swapnil, an industry visionary with over a decade of experience, the company has cemented its position as a leader in transforming manufacturing processes. It operates with a core focus on exceeding the expectations of its customers and stakeholders, ensuring that every solution is tailored to meet specific needs with precision and efficiency.

The company boasts a robust team of engineers and designers who are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D printing. Through their dedication, Divide By Zero Technologies offers a range of services and products that span from the creation of prototypes to the production of end-use parts, all while prioritizing sustainability and innovation. Their offerings are designed to help clients save time and resources, thereby optimizing the manufacturing process and reducing overall costs.

One of the standout achievements of Divide By Zero Technologies is its ability to significantly reduce expenses for clients, exemplified by saving a large automotive company 30 million with the application of 3D printed fixtures. This not only showcases the financial benefits of their 3D printing solutions but also highlights the company’s expertise in applying their technology to solve complex manufacturing challenges.

In addition to its commercial success, Divide By Zero Technologies plays an active role in the broader 3D printing community. Swapnil, as the Vice President of the Indian Additive Manufacturing Forum, leads efforts to advocate for the adoption and advancement of 3D printing technologies throughout India. This commitment to industry growth and development reflects the company’s mission to leverage 3D printing innovation for the greater good, aiming to create a positive impact on the world through their work.

Divide By Zero Technologies continues to explore new frontiers in 3D printing, driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to sustainability. As they move forward, their focus remains on developing solutions that are not only beneficial for their clients but also contribute to the advancement of the manufacturing industry at large.

About the Speaker

Swapnil Sansare

CEO and Founder of Divide By Zero Technologies

As the founder and CEO of Divide By Zero Technologies, Swapnil has been a pioneering force in the 3D printing industry for over 11 years. Leading a talented team of engineers and designers, Swapnil delivers cutting-edge and sustainable 3D printing solutions that have transformed the manufacturing sector, aligning closely with customer and stakeholder expectations. Under his guidance, Divide By Zero Technologies has emerged as a leading entity in the field, known for its innovative approach to manufacturing.

In addition to his role at Divide By Zero Technologies, Swapnil serves as the Vice President of the Indian Additive Manufacturing Forum, where he plays a crucial role in advocating for the adoption and advancement of 3D printing technologies across India. His expertise spans across operations management, computer-aided design (CAD), entrepreneurship, SolidWorks, and ASHRAE testing, making him a versatile leader in the industry.

Swapnil’s contributions to the field have not only enabled clients to save significant time and resources on prototypes and end-use parts but have also led to remarkable cost savings, such as a 30 million saving for a large automotive company through the use of 3D printed fixtures. His mission is to leverage 3D printing innovation to make a positive impact on the world, a goal he continues to pursue with unwavering dedication.

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