Swapnil Sansare – Founder Divide By Zero Technologies Swapnil CEO & Founder His obsession towards new technology and inquisitiveness towards all kind of gadgets got him surrounded with different kinds of machines in Labguard India pvt ltd. He was not only managing production, but also handled maintenance, breakdown of various CNCs purely for his love for machines. A Bit more about our Founder! The Founder of Divide By Zero Technologies has hands on experience of rapid technology nearly a decade ago because of immediate requirement of parent company. His fascination towards this additive technology worked as magnet for him and the seed of the company related to 3D printing was sown in his subconscious. His realisation of the infinte power of this technology, along with limitations like not being accesssible and affordable for growing organisations in India fuelled his determination. His years of hard work, research and wealth of experience in the development of engineering products and sustainable systems led to birth of first Accucraft 3D printer i.e Accucraft studio S150 with the build volume of 6 inches cube. The product was an instant hit, which boosted his confidence and gave a shape and formation to his dream company ‘Divide By Zero Technologies’ – Infinite power of creation.


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