3D print technologies | 7 Reasons to get AEQON sured

Are you stuck with large vendor MOQs and low innovation because of non-moving inventory? Are you failing to acquire customers faster because of the high tooling and prototyping cost? Divide By Zero 3D print technologies can help you overcome these challenges besides saving up to 80% cost on prototyping and low volume manufacturing. Opt for just-in-time on-demand 3D print technologies with all-new upgraded AEQON400 V3, an all-purpose, multi-material compatible, Industry 4.0 3D Printer that you can bank on for all your batch manufacturing requirements.

Here are some of the landmark 3D print technology features of AEQON400 V3 in the segment.

1. 5X Faster 3D printing – High-Performance 3D Print technology
fast extruder

AEQON400 V3 can print at a deposition rate of up to 50 gm/hr giving you the privilege of high-performance printing at 5 times the deposition rate than any other FFF polymer 3D printer available in the segment.

2. ASDD Extruder – 99% Reduced Downtime
ASDD Extruder

Closed-loop servo-controlled auto-switchover dual drive extruder built to last for high precision fail-proof prints, high productivity, and high-performance operations. ASDD delivers 5X stronger pull while extruding continuously under the auto-switchover mechanism, ensuring continuous material flow and minimum operator involvement. The filament shifts to the next extruder-filament set once the ongoing set runs out or even goes into filament clogging.

3. Artificial Unsupervised Neural Learning
Enjoy high-speed 3D printing without worrying about frequent machine recalibration. AEQON400 V3 comes fitted with a high precision high-performance capacitive sensor that automatically calibrates the printer besides compensating for build surface height irregularities.

4. It’s difficult to build a bad surface finish part
AEQON400 improves the lifespan of the material by over 80% by ensuring active air-moisture removal and dehumidification of your filament. It delivers better layer bonding, better surface finish of your finished parts keeping you free from issues such as warping or loose layer bonding.

5. RPCS – Realtime Print Control System
real time print control system

Keep evolving and never let your worries cloud your design innovations. AEQON’s RPCS technology gives you complete print flexibility in which you can print different designs simultaneously. Further, you can stop any part from getting printed in real-time without affecting other parts at all.

6. YFYP – Your Filament Your Print
multi material 3D printing
Exercise your choice as per your needs and requirements. This industrial large-format 3D printer is compatible with a variety of 3D printing materials, and our experts will be happy to help you set process parameters according to your application needs.

7. Highest Resilience
With AEQON400 V3, you can now enjoy the benefits of high-speed 3D printing by saving millions on your multiple design iterations. Not just that, with 80% reduced lead time, you can acquire more customers by building more sample trials.

Besides saving huge costs and time, you can harness the power to 3D print technologies as per your own requirements and customizations that include but not limited to the following

Save inventory carrying costs by manufacturing on-demand parts as and when required.
Opportunity to enjoy higher market reach with small-batch manufacturing that convert into large orders later.
Double your business with minimum expenses in product prototyping and add agility in product realization.
Talk to our applications team now by sending us your design file, and we will dispatch a free 3D printed sample prototype to your address along with a detailed ROI analysis.

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