First time in India, dress made out of 3D printed fabric!

3D printing technology has gradually entered the world of fashion with the relishes of sizably voluminous brands such as Nike and Adidas experimenting with these technique, and artists like Michael Smith and Iris van Herpen use it to endeavor to take garments to the next level.

Now the technique has magnetized Indian fashion designers. Fashion stylist Snigdha Agarwal, and owner of houseofsnigdha.com is engendering an eye-catching 3D printed dress to be exhibited at Inside 3D Printing Mumbai Conference & Expo on December 3rd and 4th, 2015. This dress will be plenarily made by a 3D printer. The important component used in the making of 3D printed dress is 3D printed fabric. For this project, Snigdha has collaborated with Divide By Zero Technologies.

3D printing technology enables designers to create shapes that are difficult to create in a traditional way of manufacturing. Snigdha wanted to create a garment with 3D printers and with a little help of a friend, Snigdha went to Swapnil Sansare (Divide By Zero Technologies Founder & CEO), a 3D printing expert from Navi Mumbai.

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