3D printer manufacturers in India

Looking to buy 3D printers for your next small batch project? Before you google down 3D printer prices, you must have clarity on the overall 3D printer manufacturers in India and their service ecosystem. Not just that, you must also have a clear comparison chart as to what specifications and printing technology would suit your business needs. In addition to your requirements, you may also want to keep a window open to induct other 3D printer applications to boost your existing profit margin.

Here’s how Divide By Zero, one of the largest 3D printer manufacturers in India can help you save huge costs and time for all your prototyping, small-batch, new product development, and end-use applications.

3D printer manufacturers in India –
Where We Stand


Divide By Zero is one of India’s premier and largest homegrown 3D printer manufacturers and the first local brand to export 3D printers globally. Recently, we exported India’s first high-speed 3D printer to Houston, Texas. We are also the first national manufacturer to hold two 3D printing technology patents from India and the United States. More than 800+ brands and institutes across industries including TATA Motors, Mercedes, Samsung, DRDO, Wipro, Bharat Forge, Commscope, Daimler, Godrej, HUL, Eicher, premier IITs, and 1000+ startups across multiple countries are associated with us for all their 3D printing requirements.


With multiple patents, Divide By Zero is one of the largest high-speed, low-cost 3D printer manufacturers in India. On the other hand, we at Divide By Zero play a major role in the education sector and have over the years helped 500+ start-ups incubate through various universities across the length and breadth of the country. Our product innovations are making wonders across industries – sheet metal bending, casting & pattern making, jigs fixtures, packaging solutions, and rapid prototyping.

Divide By Zero Technologies – Why Choose Us
On-board your business with our future sustainable manufacturing solutions that would empower your product innovations multifold. In the first place, you can straightaway cut down your prototyping lead time and cost by 85%. Secondly, you don’t need to worry about inventory carrying costs as the entire manufacturing process will be on-demand just-in-time.

Oh, by the way, you will save millions by staying independent from third-party vendors, be it for procurement of raw materials to machining, tooling, and logistics. And now, here’s the best part that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Multi-user IoT Compatibility
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Our product innovations are powered by multi-user IoT-compatible security protocols. Consequently, you can run a chain of distributed manufacturing centers across your state, country, or the entire planet at large. All this you can operate and execute just by sitting at your convenient workstation. As a result, this will give you a platform that has countless customer reach.

Speed and Deposition Rate
fast extruder

Our printers are powered by patented high-speed technology, something which makes us unique across the globe. From professional desktop printers to large-format big 3D printers, you will find deposition rates 5-10X faster than any other printers in the segment. As a result, you can market your product ideas 10X faster bypassing supply chain and logistics time delay.

Repeatability, Accuracy, and Precision
3D printer manufacturers in India

Ball-screw-based motion systems in our printers will give negligible to zero backlash errors. Consequently, you can achieve higher repeatability, accuracy, and precision than any other printer in the market.

AutoSwitchover – Filament Sensor

Our customers find huge advantages with the auto-switchover system. To elaborate, its intelligent feedback control system notifies operators and takes corrective measures on preventing nozzle clogging. As a result, you can set your printer to print complex designs and enjoy long weekends without worrying much about manual supervision.

Multi-material compatibility
multi material 3D printing

How about engineering-grade high-strength materials combining all your requirements? Choose from a wide range of materials that best suits your application needs. ABS, PLA, Nylon-CF, TPU, HIPS, AFPM, PC, PC-ABS, PETG, PP to name a few.

Support and Service Ecosystem

If you’re an existing user, facing challenges with traditional manufacturing processes, here’s the best news for you. Leave aside all features for now. How about the after-sales support and spares and consumables pricing? Isn’t it something that will bother you eventually?

Trust us when we say this to you, Divide By Zero will support you till time infinity. Besides, we are the only 3D printer manufacturers in India that charge spares and consumables at a mere one-tenth of any other OEMs.

In addition, our support team will help you from onboarding, on-site visits to regular training sessions.

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Save up to 85% cost on small-batch manufacturing.
Leverage your profit margins 10X higher with high-speed 3D printing.
Save valuable resources by staying independent from third-party vendors.
Reduce customer conversion cycle time with faster product prototyping.
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