3D Printing for electric vehicles

By now, It has become a well-accepted fact that Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future of human mobility. They will play a key role in reducing our carbon footprint and creating a greener, sustainable environment for our future generations. 3D Printing will bridge the gap between these two pivotal aspects of EVs and a lower environmental impact. And Divide by Zero is the best 3D Printer Manufacturer in India.

Manufacturing your first EV prototype is a painstaking process. You are unaware of the practical challenges you would face in this journey. Hence, keeping your capital investments as low as possible is of utmost importance.

Well, Industrial 3D Printer is the answer to this problem. From multiple design iterations, mass customization to on-demand manufacturing of end-use critical components, 3D Printing is the way ahead. And Divide by Zero is one of the finest 3D printing company in India.

Here are 5 applicational benefits of 3D Printing for EVs.
Tooling: EVs rely entirely on charging stations. However, industries are facing challenges with electrostatic discharge or ESD. An ESD leads to sudden sparks within the car body, damaging the battery pack and electronic control modules. Creating electronic and inspection fixtures with ESD resistant materials is expensive and time-consuming. 3D Printing can help you print customized electronic and inspection fixtures on-demand that are compatible with ESD material requirements.
3D Printed pattern making: Many internal combustion engine parts, gearboxes, steering wheels rely on investment and sand casting. EV manufacturers can create their prototypes and end-use parts while saving up to 85% of costs and lead time with 3D Printing. This eventually results in massive savings on capital investment for the prototype vehicle.
Assembly fixtures – EVs require critical and everyday parts ranging from lamps, mirrors, charging docks, dashboards, holders, etc. To reduce time spent assembling the vehicle with these parts, manufacturers typically use fixtures on which car parts are fixed with the required components. By 3D Printing these fixtures, you can have customized tools for your fixture needs any time you want and at a meagre cost. Every time you iterate the prototype design, your fixtures will be available too!!
Stickers and Labeling – 3D Printing for electric vehicles finds huge application benefits in designing labels and stickers. Hundreds of automobile companies are now using in-house 3D printers to print customized design labels. 3D Printing can help you unleash your design ideas without worrying about complexity and intricacies.
Material Handling – EVs require special support trays and material handling equipment. CNC machining for every design iteration is an unfeasible task. On the contrary, 3D Printing allows you to use various materials for form, fit and function testing! With newer materials being made 3D Printing compliant every few months, the possibilities keep growing!
EV vehicles are simple in the powertrain with less weight, body parts, vibration &and noise than an ICE. In this context, 3D Printing for electric vehicles will play a significant role in the new product development sector. Beyond this, it will help reduce inventory by creating a digital library. Weight reduction and design optimization lead to a shorter assembly process and lower production costs.

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