Carbon Fiber 3D Printing is No More a Distant Dream

3D printer filaments made from carbon fiber are the newest addition to the additive manufacturing industry and it is no surprise that manufacturers are eagerly accepting and implementing 3D printing with this incredible material.

Manufacturing today is not what it used to be. With a shift to adapting technologies that are more convenient, affordable and efficient, it is no surprise that 3D printing is now at the forefront of various industries. The power to create, prototype, rapidly design and replicate is now in the hands of all.

As we enter the third industrial revolution – that of widespread additive manufacturing – it is exciting and promising to see the technology being utilized to produce with a variety of materials, not just plastic and it is especially ground-breaking when a material like carbon fiber enters the playing field.

Why Carbon Fiber in 3D printing?

As new materials like metals and ceramics can now be used in 3D printing, the potential applications for 3D printing are now clear to all and is reflected in the consistent and exponential growth of the 3D printing industry. It is therefore not a surprise that the industry sought to develop a carbon fiber 3D printer. Composed of carbon fibers that are less than 510 microns in diameter, this incredible material has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios, making it highly desirable for use in industries like robotics, mechanics, aeronautics, automobiles and motorsports.

Carbon fiber is heralded for its remarkable qualities – the most highlighted of these being its strength. It is astonishingly lightweight, extremely efficient at conducting electricity and possesses brilliant resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures. A material that has been an industry favourite for many, right from hockey sticks to medical equipment, the fact that it may now be used in 3D printing is surely a game changer.

Armed with the ability to 3D print with carbon fiber, the industries can now take advantage of manufacturing products that manifest the brilliant qualities of the material with the flexibility and convenience of the 3D printing process. Carbon fiber filaments may be printed, allowing manufacturers to create products that are strong, durable, lightweight and perfectly finished.

With the help of 3D printing filaments made from carbon fiber, the possibilities are endless and a host of parts and models can be made from this nearly indestructible material that boasts of excellent structural strength.

Divide by Zero facilitates the process of carbon fiber 3D Printing

3D printing companies have developed the sophisticated technology for carbon fiber 3D printing today, enabling users to create quality products in a way that is convenient and affordable. But if you are not new to the world of 3D printing, you ought to know that 3D printing with carbon fibers, though possible, is quite fastidious. One requires a deep sense of technical know-how about the process as well about the specialized 3D printers. But this is where Divide By Zero’s innovative approach comes in the picture. We have come up with a solution to battle these struggles of 3D printing with carbon fibers, thus making it an easier process.

At Divide By Zero, carbon fiber can be used as a viable material, with the Aion 500 machine. This is a result of strenuous research and development. Our carbon fiber 3D printing technology is sure to help creating a wide variety of products more efficiently.

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