Divide By Zero’s Accucraft Series – Champion Workhorses

Divide By Zero Technologies was established with the sole aim to empower makers and creators with powerful and affordable 3D printing technologies. From creating 3D prototypes and production samples to captivating artistic design and life-saving medical sciences, our products have comfortably found their place in many versatile applications.

Over the years, we have launched a plethora of unique models and series aimed at different user applications. Currently, our catalogue includes the compact and sleek Accucraft and Aeqon series to the massive IoT-enabled Aion 500 series. Although the Aion 500 series is our flagship model, the Accucraft series holds a special place in our hearts.

As one the first models developed by Divide By Zero Technologies, it represents the DNA or the design ethos for all our 3D printer launched subsequently. In fact, it is one of our highest selling series of 3D printers in India.

So why is the Accucraft series so popular with both large and small enterprises? Well, because it hits all the right spots for any user looking for a high-performance and cost-effective medium to small size 3D printer. However, that’s not it! Here are some of the standout out features of Divide By Zero’s Accucraft series.

Multi-material printability

While entry-level FDM machines guzzle PLA or variants of PLA, the Accucraft series use print materials rather judiciously. It supports a variety of industrial grade print materials and delivers robust and accurate print outputs. Below are materials and the expected output quality users can achieve by using our Accucraft series 3D printers.

  • ABS – Delivers excellent finish and good ductile strength
  • HIPS – Delivers excellent finish and can act as a great support material along with ABS
  • Carbon Fibre – Chopped Carbon fiber within PLA/ABS base delivers superior details and strength
  • PETG – Delivers excellent elongation at break and translucent finish printing
  • TPU – Delivers fully flexibility and depicts PVC like characteristics under strain

Compact build size

Carrying a build-envelope of up to 300mm x 250mm and 200mm in height, the Accucraft series 3D printers can execute over 80% of most prototyping requirements in one go. It can also be used print small parts that can be assembled to create larger objects. We have meticulously pre-assembled, calibrated and tested these machines to deliver professional-grade 3D printing right out-of-the-box. With your design ideas and the 3D printing prowess of the Accucraft series, you can easily tackle even the most complex designs with utmost ease.

Accuracy and detail

The Accucraft series 3D printers by Divide By Zero Technologies are housed in a high endurance and robust sheet metal body that maintains stable chamber temperature for controlled heat dissipation delivering seamless adhesion and a print accuracy with ± 150 microns. The printers incorporates premium-grade HIWIN precision series linear guides, along with a specially designed XY gantry, which delivers positional precision of 16 microns and print speeds up to 200mm/sec. The result of this unmatched accuracy and detail in the print output.

Quickest spare parts procurement and technical support

Being based out of Navi Mumbai, India, most of our machine parts and spares are procured and developed through our in-house R&D department. This ensures we have a stable inventory of spare parts readily available when the need arises. With customer satisfaction as one of our founding pillars, we sincerely stand by our ethos and provide fast technical support. We serve our clients via remote assistance tools such as phone or online chat and even on-site client visits if the need be.

Marathon runner

The 3D printers from the Accucraft series are die-hard workhorses designed for the long haul. With carefully hand-picked high-quality components and strenuous testing procedures, these industrial-grade machines are built for endurance. Just like the cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar, this master blaster is compact but it definitely does not skimp on the punch. These highly dependable series of machines are unstoppable. They stand by you and will continually give you the confidence to print any model or shape in a variety of materials.

While words have their weight, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at some unique and inspiring projects made entirely using Divide By Zero’s Accucraft 3D printers.

Our client Mr Bharat Joshi from Yantracraft, Delhi developed an awe-inspiring scale model of the Golden Temple commissioned by the Government of Punjab.

Our client and artist Uday Raghuvanshi from Srujanamm, Pune beautifully blended Art and 3D Printing to create a magnanimous 9-foot tall 3D printed artwork called the “Attraction of Unknown”. Read more

Fashion stylist Snigdha Agarwal has engendered an eye-catching 3D printed dress at Inside 3D Printing Mumbai Conference & Expo in December 2015. This dress is plenary made by a 3D printer. The important component used in the making of 3D printed dress is 3D printed fabric. For this project, Snigdha has collaborated with Divide By Zero Technologies.. Read more

Team Kranti- A dedicated team of 7 members that participated in this prestigious competition stood out as the champions of the University Cansat Challenge 2015-16 organized by ARDL. 3D printing made it easy for Team Kranti to perform several iterations in designs and Read more

At Divide By Zero, we have championed a technique to quickly and accurately 3D print almost any part of Google Maps with available terrain data. These 3D printed topographic maps could be useful for a multitude of applications such as better town planning, infrastructure development, agriculture and even in Read more

Made in India, Made for the World

The Indian user environment can be unforgiving towards machines and electronics. The mechanical assembly of the Accucraft series is designed to be ergonomic, dependable and sturdy. It captures the essence of Indian manufactured machines or automobiles: easy to maintain with full functionality even in the harshest conditions. At Divide By Zero Technologies, we not only make in India, but we also make for India.

Our most popular machines, the Accucraft Series features two models – the Accucraft i250+ with a build volume of 300 x 250 x 200 mm and the Accucraft i250D that sports a build volume of 200 x 250 x 200 mm. They sport precision series linear guides and high-quality extruders to deliver a robust and accurate output to empower precise desktop 3D printing. Additionally, the dual extruder mechanism of the Accucraft i250D gives you the freedom to print two different types or two different colours of the same materials simultaneously.

The Accucraft series can easily handle prototyping and low-volume manufacturing duties in production workflows of both large and small to medium enterprises. As one of India’s foremost providers of industrial-grade desktop 3D printing solution, Divide By Zero Technologies has helped many manufacturers across different business verticals harness the benefits of 3D printing. To understand how we can help your business, feel free to talk to us.

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