Have You Heard of the 3D Selfies? It is Now Possible!

Unless you are living under a massive rock, we are sure you know what selfie means. Let’s just put it out there – selfie is a self-portrait captured by any camera. Selfies are fun and people tend to love a good self-portrait. If you are wondering about what has this got to do with 3D printing, you must read on. Some very exciting things are happening.

You probably know that 3D printing is rapidly assuming a crucial position in the field of innovation as a whole. Important fields like medicine, architecture, and academics are evolving at a stupendous pace with the help of 3D printing techniques. More and more processes are getting streamlined in terms of cost, time and effort with the help of 3D printing like casting and packaging. However, 3D printing techniques are also contributing to personalization. With 3D printed toys and now selfies, this technology is proving to be a catalyst for innovation in personalized gifting.

About ni2

ni2 are a Pune-based company that offers plethora of expertise in fields like design services, developing, technical support, and technology consulting. ni2 caters majorly to defence industries by being their one-stop shop development, porting, maintenance, testing, customization, optimization and integration activities. With their expertise and experience, they assist the defence equipment manufacturers with cost-competitive products, thus cutting the cost significantly.

Experimenting with personalized gifts

ni2 values its biggest assets – their employees. They decided to present them with personalized mementos – 3D selfies. “Selfie” is a contemporary term for a self-portrait. In the current sense, selfies are 2D photos and we took it just a couple of notches higher. ni2 gifted its 500 employees 3D printed self-portraits or selfies. This unique and personalized gifting idea was enabled by 3D printers by Divide By Zero.

How did they get 3D printed selfies?

ni2 has come a long way because off all the efforts out by their employees. They wanted to personalize their gifts and also engage their employees with a fun-filled learning activity.

Apart from being more expensive, outsourced gifts cannot quite capture the sentiment expressed by a company when it comes to appreciating the employees.

After the nature of the corporate gift was decided, which is 3D printed selfies for every employee, it was now time to tackle the challenges and have the task done. Divide By Zero’s Accucraft i250D 3D printer eased the process by offering a solution to ni2’s requirement.

All the 500 employees were scanned using a 3D scanner to get a 360° scan of the facial features of the employees. The Accucraft i250D then printed these scans into actual 3D printed self-portraits, thus tackling one of the biggest issues.

Pushing the boundaries of 3D printing

As a distributor of Divide By Zero 3D printers, ni2 wanted to experiment with ways to push the boundaries of 3D printing. The idea of gifting the employees something personalized was conceptualized and executed swiftly by ni2. Following are key benefits they achieved from this experience.

Low volume production

As a company, ni2 are a moderately sized company with 500 employees. 3D printed selfies for 500 employees meant a plan to execute low volume production on 500 unique prints. The volume was large and that posed a challenge. A solid process with a robust equipment was needed to carry out this task. This experience gave them the opportunity to explore and learn ways to empower low volume batch manufacturing, equipping them with the knowledge for future projects.

Engagement with employees

The task of 3D printing selfies is as painstaking as it sounds and the employees would have had to work like a well-oiled machine, thus giving way to teamwork and bonding, which probably could not have been possible with outsourced gifts. This process also introduced and reinforced the concept of 3D printing to many employees who may not be aware of this technology. As a design firm, ni2 was able to ensure that their employees are aligned the latest technology and design trends.

A new business vertical to explore

Finding the perfect corporate gift, that too personalized, may not always be easy. Personalized gifts are a testimony to the firm’s appreciation towards its employees. Based on the success and learnings of this experience, ni2 could also explore the opportunity of offering personalized gifting services to other enterprises.

The 3D printed selfies were printed at lower cost than purchasing run-off-the-mill store-bought gifts. Needless to say, the 3D printed self-portraits were cost-effective, personal and very unique.

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