High Speed 3D Printing for Small Batch manufacturing

Are you dissatisfied in your small-batch manufacturing business as a result of delayed prototyping and longer lead time? Depending upon the time value of money, which is the future valuation of your current investment, are you unhappy with your small-batch CNC machining time and cost parameters? All your answer lies with high speed 3D printing for small-batch manufacturing with AION500 MK3. MK3 has unmatched speed, and currently holds the record of being the fastest FFF high speed 3D printer in the world.

Challenges in traditional small-batch FFF 3D Printing
Demand fluctuation– Small batch orders, although looks lucrative when tabled with 3D printing, comes with serious challenges that may have adverse effects on your book of accounts. The small-batch market is highly volatile with unpredictable and fluctuating demand periods. Consequently, you need a technology that will overcome challenges by itself when it comes to speed, strength, time, and cost.

Economies of Scale– Have you invested lakhs on a traditional FFF 3D printer that has below-average time value for money? 3D printers must give profit-returns on an exponential margin annually, isn’t it? And this process has to go on a continuum. But this has been a big challenge ever since the launch of the first commercial 3D printer with unsatisfactory economies of scale.

Slow speed 3D Printing– At high-speed printing, the filament deforms in the gear system. Because of the backpressure generated by the hot-end coupled with no auto-control of the material flow rate, 3D printers show a slight slip in the system leading to a complete or partial nozzle blockage.

High speed 3D Printing for Small Batch Manufacturing
Superior form and fitment – AION500 MK3 gives you end-use and functional parts that have a superior surface finish, and they fit perfectly with the design, offering a higher dimensional accuracy of ±100 microns.High speed 3D printing for Small batch manufacturing
Function testing possible – Prototypes developed with AION500 MK3 are strong enough to be used in functional testing. Parts printed by other FFF 3D printers may fail to withstand the stress conditions in the functional testing stage. This gives manufacturers key insights about the performance of the parts in the real-world scenario. Consequently, manufacturers gets the freedom to take design and production decisions with more confidence.3D printed press brake tool
Faster Time to Market: With high speed 3D printing, businesses can cut down the time to prototype by 10 fold. In addition, AION500 MK3 ensures that products and ideas take 10X less time to reach the market. This gives businesses added agility, especially in super fluctuating competitive markets.
Cost Saving: One of the major benefits and value addition that high speed 3D printing offers is a significant cost-saving ecosystem. As a result, you will enjoy cost reduction of up to 85% in comparison to conventional FFF 3D Printing. Imagine how much you could save when compared to traditional subtractive manufacturing. Implementing a 3D printing setup with AFPM offers great long-term value and substantial ROI, growing exponentially every year.tensile strength – afpm
Rapid Prototyping – Imagine that your sales team receives a lead seeking help for a large number of low volume but customized tooling in a very short notice. High speed 3D printing can help you with rapid prototyping by printing the order in a few hours. In addition, you can now delight your customers by offering them free samples at the first meeting even before sending them quotations. You will always be a step ahead of your competition.Sheet Metal Bending
High Speed 3D Printing with AION500 MK3 – Special Package Offer
Now embrace 3D printing the AION way and get the following add-on benefits at a special new-year package offer –

A perfectly designed highly durable 3D printer stand-table.
Active Filadry System for dehumidification of your filaments from going hygroscopic. It protects your finished part from loose layer bonding and warping.
A UPS for complete uninterruptible printing giving you power backup of up to 1 hour.
High-end laptop/desktop for design innovations as per your choice.
Spares and consumables needed for 1 complete year including 100 kg of filament.
Reply back with your queries at marketing@divbyz.com and avail this incredible new-year offer with zero additional cost for one complete year.

Offer lasts till March 31, 2021.

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