High Speed 3D printing with AION500 MK3

High speed 3D printing with AION500MK3

Printing at speed over and above 100gm/hr is now a reality? High speed 3D printing is the new norm of the advanced, efficient, and productive manufacturing sector. From prototyping to small-batch to high-strength end-use and functional parts, high-speed 3D printing is penetrating the heart of manufacturing and new product development. But wait!  

Before we proceed with the machine features of AION500 MK3, let us understand what this technology is all about and its benefits. 

Divide By Zero is the first homegrown Indian 3D printer manufacturer to hold two 3D printing technology patents. We call our innovation AFPM or Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling. It’s a common industry notion that high-speed prints are achieved at compromised print quality, strength, and accuracy. 

Trust us when we say this to you, we have proved this completely untrue. Not just printing at speed over and above 10X faster than any other FFF 3D printers in the world, you get precision guaranteed high-strength 3D printed finished parts. AFPM is DBZ’s ultimate solution to all industry problems arising out of speed vs print quality vs strength issues.

5 Reasons you can’t go wrong with AION500 MK3


  • Tougher & Stronger – Built For Next Generation ManufacturingAION500 MK3 is built on a solid body rigid dual chassis platform, ensuring minimal vibration at high-speed 3D printing. It is powered by high-speed multi-start ball screws on both the X-Y axis. AION500 MK3 is your one-stop solution for high productivity high precision 3D Printing.
  • 99% Reduced Downtime With Liquid Cooled ExtruderNext level high-performance auto-switchover dual drive extruder built to last for high productivity, high precision, high-speed operations. AIONMK3 is capable of delivering a 5X stronger pull while extruding continuously. Enjoy high-performance printing with a hardened nozzle that ensures minimum wear and tear without worrying much about frequent nozzle replacements or maintenance.
  • Patented High-Performance Servo Controlled ExtruderClosed loop servo controlled extruder that sends emergency notifications to operators in case of material clogging, only after exercising all its counter algorithms in solving any issue that may arise. Save valuable time and material by ensuring uniform flow during a part build. 
  • Artificial Unsupervised Neural LearningEnjoy high speed 3D printing with AION500 MK3 without worrying about frequent machine recalibration.  It comes fitted with a high precision high-performance capacitive sensor that automatically calibrates the printer besides compensating for build surface height irregularities.
  • It’s difficult to build a bad surface finish part – AION500 MK3 improves the lifespan of the material by over 80% by ensuring active air-moisture removal and dehumidification of your filament. It delivers better layer bonding and better surface finish of your finished parts. As a result, it keeps you free from facing issues such as warping or loose layer bonding.

Benefits of high-speed 3D printing with AION500 MK3

AION500 MK3 can help you save up to 85% of cost and time compared to traditional CNC machining. But is saving time and money the end goal of 3D printing? 

Here are some of the many ways how you can utilize the saved money and time wisely.

  • Boost your innovation center – Create more innovative, easy to use ergonomic design parts with multiple iterations that are stronger and lightweight. 
  • Acquire more customers – Reduce your customer conversion cycle time at the first meeting itself with faster product prototyping. Spend more time on adding value to your customers rather than worrying about multiple vendors’ follow-ups.
  • Small batch to large scale production – Leverage the power of high-speed 3D printing and enjoy higher market reach with small-batch manufacturing that convert into large orders later.
  • Faster time to market – You can market your ideas faster, taking less time to prototype and launch your products. This will give your organization added agility, especially in competitive markets. Now you can spend more care-free time with your team and family members. 
  • Opening up new avenues – Low volume production is the new key. On-board your business with mass customization using high-speed 3D printing and unleash your crazy ideas into practical innovation. 

High speed 3D printing with AION500 MK3 – Special Package Offer

Now embrace 3D printing the AION way and get the following add-on benefits at a special year-end package offer –  

  • A perfectly designed highly durable 3D printer stand-table. 
  • Active Filadry System for dehumidification of your filaments from going hygroscopic. It protects your finished part from loose layer bonding and warping.  
  • A UPS for complete uninterruptible printing giving you power backup of up to 1 hour.
  • High-end laptop/desktop for design innovations as per your choice.
  • Spares and consumables needed for 1 complete year including 100 kg of filament.

In our commitment to making your business operations easier, we are coming to you with this incredible year-end offer with zero additional cost for one complete year.

Kindly fill in the ROI form here to know more about the offer details. Offer lasts till January 31, 2021

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