Skyrocket Your Casting Business With Additive Manufacturing

Are your resources being exhausted on conventional metal casting technology? Are you dependent on heavy manpower and monetary resources to run your casting business?

Being a leader in the casting industry, you must be well aware of the limitations faced by conventional metal casting industries such as Gas Porosity, Shrinkages, Run-Out, Swelling and Warping. Majority of these problems are architectural hindrances and are caused by bubble formation, inability to withstand high temperature and pressure of the molten metal.

Divide By Zero Technologies uses its expertise to manufacture time and cost effective casting patterns for end-user applications. In addition to freedom from all problems mentioned above, our 3D printed casts will ensure

  1. zero dependency on third party vendors for manufacturing cast patterns,
  2. visibility and control during actual development of casting patterns,
  3. higher dimensional accuracy,
  4. lowest operational cost,
  5. shortest lead time for production,
  6. provision for fitment and functional testing,
  7. fast track your RnD process and
    most importantly,
  8. save you a significant amount of overall cost incurred.

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