Bend Metal Parts With Plastic

 Bend metal parts with plastic? Have you ever come across an idea like this before? Well, Divide By Zero Technologies with its years of research and expertise brings to you one of India’s jaw-dropping innovation in sheet metal forming, Bend Metal Parts With Plastic. Yes, that’s exactly what we’re proposing.

Before we proceed with the large scale advantages of its applications, let us have a quick overview of what press brakes tools are actually meant for. Press Brakes are used to bend sheet metals in a predetermined shape by clamping the work piece between a matching punch and die.

Let’s not bore you anymore with definitions and take you right where we want you to be. Did you know that 3D printed press brake tools will save you over 60-80% of your production time and cost? Yes, that is exactly what Divide By Zero has brought in your domain of business.

Some of the areas of custom tooling applications include


Let’s say your sales team just received a new RFQ for large number of customized small quantity orders. The client sends you the design and you’re left with non-standard tooling. What will you do? Metal tooling for a contract you might not receive? Let the order pass by and wait for large quantity orders? Obviously, it’s a big big loss, right? Simple answer – opt for in-house 3D printing. It will save you millions apart from saving time and manpower resources.

Short runs

With Divide By Zero 3D printed parts, you will achieve 1000 bends per 3D printed tool mark. Got a simple part that requires 3 or 4 bends? You’ll get 250 to over 300 parts with that lone plastic tool. From 1 part to 1 million parts, never let any order go.


How about printing custom tools that perfectly match your clients’ requirements instead of investing in manufacturing custom metal tooling that is obviously temporary and might mangle a perfectly working tool and strip it of its full potential?

Surface Finishing

You might be thinking of die marks by now, right? Die marks are usual hindrances in fabrication industry. 3D printed tooling will be a perfect match provided it suits your production volume. 3D printing is a next-generation technology, all you need is to impart your creativity and the machine will execute whatever you want. Of course, 3D Printing has many uses aside from press brake tooling. Let us be the additive manufacturing partner in pursuit of your growth and success.

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