7 Reasons To Choose 3D Printing In Casting Industry

Being a leader in the casting industry, you must be well aware of the limitations faced by conventional metal casting industries. The majority of these problems are unseen problems and are caused by the inability to correctly identify the solution. Divide By Zero tried to go deep into the casting industry and identify the various challenges these businesses face. To address such problems, Divide By Zero brings in 7 reasons to choose 3D Printing in Casting Industry. Let us understand now!

Overview on Challenges Faced By Casting Industry

Before we jump onto the major benefits of applications for 3D printing in the casting industry, let us take you on a virtual tour of some of the many challenges that these industries are currently facing and why we need constant design innovation in this industry.

1. Design Complexity

The manufacturing cost increases in direct proportion to the complexity of the design. Suppose you have got clients demanding batch production with a large number of customized design parts. Your customers then have to bear with huge tooling costs invested for such orders which wouldn’t be feasible for all, especially for SMEs and MSMEs. Furthermore, technical requirements for the workers are too high, and as such both cost and lead time increases.

2. Dependency on third-party vendors.

Another major reason behind increasing lead time is the dependency on outside sources for mold making. You have to first describe every minute detail to someone outside your company, interact with the line of contact, and get it delivered on time. The overall process is tedious and also involves huge logistics costs which again increases the lead time considerably.

3. Acquiring Customers

The biggest challenge that businesses face is delivering a sample prototype before finalizing on the partnership. Often, businesses ask their potential clients to pay for the tooling, which ends up in losing valuable customers. Unable to deliver a sample quickly, makes speed, one of the biggest challenges in the industry.

7 Reasons To Choose 3D Printing In Casting Industry

The major advantage of 3D Printing in casting industry is two-fold – increasing profitability by over 70% on both time and cost. For batch production and rapid prototyping, 3D printing service has proved to be a boon for all manufacturing industries. Here are some of the factors that showcase how 3D printing as a service in casting industry can help boost your business besides booking profits every single day.

1. Rapid Casting

3D Printing in the casting industry finds huge applications in replicating metal parts that use 3D printed master patterns. For instance, 3d printed wax patterns for investment casting save huge time on the overall manufacturing process by eliminating the need to create open molds.

2. Reduced Lead time

Since the overall time for process development is greatly reduced, the cycle time and cost for production reduce drastically. As a result, you can achieve a shorter and faster lead time.

3. Repeated Manufacturing

3D printing is largely considered for low volume batch production. However, with the overall production time and cost coming down to one-tenth of that for conventional methods, you can achieve medium volume production through repeated manufacturing and optimization of complex structural parts as many times as required and as and when required.

4. Fastrack your R&D Process

With no mold requirements and zero constraints on design complexities, 3D printing helps designers to think beyond conventional imagination. With 3D printing, you can play around with multiple sample tests at the cost of a few hundred to thousands. As a result, you can witness rapid development and pace at your design & research lab.

5. Lower Operational Cost

With 3D Printing, you require only 3D data. Data can be directly modified and optimized as per the need of your customers as many times as possible. As a result, it aids in multiple optimizations of complex structural parts along with provisions for fitment and functional testing. Consequently, overall operations cost reduces. As a result, you can achieve over 70-80% profit in comparison to conventional methods of manufacturing.

6. Added Agility

3D printing empowers you with multiple pattern casting options. This allows manufacturers to stay agile, make changes faster, and lead the way to an optimum and efficient design. 3D printers can also double-up as a tool for low–volume production.

7. Auxiliary advantages

3D Printing in the casting industry can help you realize the net shape of your final design. As a result, the technology helps in eliminating CNC machining time and its necessity. Besides, wastage of materials can be greatly avoided with 3D printing along with a massive reduction in energy consumption. Furthermore, the overall technology is suitable for environmental protection and sustainable development.

DBZ‘s Ecosystem For 3D Printing In Casting Industry

Divide By Zero Technologies uses its expertise to manufacture time and cost-effective casting patterns for end-user applications. In addition to all benefits mentioned above, our 3D printed casts will ensure

  • zero dependencies on third-party vendors for manufacturing cast patterns,
  • visibility and control during the actual development of casting patterns,
  • higher dimensional accuracy,
  • lowest operational cost,
  • shortest lead time for production,
  • provision for fitment and functional testing,
  • fast track your RnD process and
  • most importantly, save you a significant amount of overall cost incurred.
  • 3D Printing In Casting

Industry – 3DP As A Service

Industries must not confuse 3D printing in casting industry as a tool to replace and eliminate the existing conventional casting methods. It should be looked at as a mechanism that adds leverage over already existing methodologies. The advantages are simple and clear – no need for CNC processing and another tooling whatsoever that add up the overall operational and manufacturing cost.

With over 500+ installations, Divide By Zero is the only Indian 3D printer manufacturing company to hold two technological patents. Furthermore, we have managed to bag prestigious awards such as the IPF Product Excellence Award, International SME Excellence Award, Promising Startup of The Year Award, and many more.

Besides 3D printers, we offer end-to-end 3D Printing services, solutions, and on-demand prototyping of highly customized and intricate casting molds at a very competitive price.

Want to upgrade your business to 3D printing now? Kindly reach out to us with your challenges and we would be at your service in no time. Kindly look through our blog section for uncovering more 3D Printing applications.


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