Digital Inventory In The Dark Hours of Corona Virus

With the World Health Organization tagging COVID-19 as a global pandemic, Corona Virus which was mocked initially now stands as a serious fact.

Apart from necessary stationery, one that has disappeared from stores, which are still scarce today, are face masks. Most importantly, it is one of the major defense systems that doctors use for major anatomical treatments.

The Problem:

Countless numbers of doctors across the world are now facing serious challenges by coming in direct contact with COVID-19 patients. Furthermore, anatomical operations that last around 10-12 hours makes them stressed and exhausted. The front-line defense system that they have in protecting themselves from airborne contamination is the face mask. However, traditional face masks that use threads are causing burns, red marks, wounds, and swells around the ear and nose.

How we made it possible:

Divide By Zero Technologies face masks adjustable accessories are not just breathable but flexible and recyclable. Moreover, it caters to all the drawbacks of traditional face masks that we have been using since time immemorial. From our inventory, we have deployed the fastest high-speed 3D printer that can manufacture over 500 such face masks in just 8 hours.

Additive manufacturing might play a significant role in extending support to industrial supply chains that are seriously affected by limitations on traditional production and imports caused by COVID-19. However, 3D printing can have an immediate beneficial effect when the supply chain is completely broken.

Millions of doctors and healthcare workers around the globe are risking their lives to save us in these dark hours of COVID-19. Thanks to our high speed 3D printer which can now help us in large scale production of these regulators.

The revolutionary AION 500 MK3 is a high performance, IoT-enabled, massive size 3D printer that offers a professional-level build volume at an affordable price point. Armed with our patented AFPM (Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling) technology, the printer renders a stronger and durable output.

We at Divide By Zero Technologies, a Navi Mumbai based India’s first 3D Printer manufacturing company, assembled all our efforts together in easing the lives of all these healthcare workers. Divide By Zero Technologies is highly elated in announcing that the 3D printable design file for the above face mask is now an open-source file.

In this challenging time we are committed to save those who save us. These accessories will be delivered free of cost to all healthcare institutions who are working hard towards uplifting our society.

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